Claudia Bustillos My Story
My Story

Claudia Bustillos EYRT 500 is a yoga instructor in South Florida originally from Venezuela. Claudia’s spiritual quest began 25 years ago with studies in Yoga and metaphysics, leading to many early experiences of personal growth. Formerly a professional Dentist in Venezuela, Claudia now dedicates her full energy to Yoga, motherhood and her Yoga Studio, Om Beats Yoga Studio. From Dentist to Yoga Entrepreneurship, from a 9 to 5 schedule to a Lifestyle where she has found the freedom to manage her own time and passions to do what she likes the most of, including traveling to amazing places while connecting with people with same good vibes towards a more conscious community. she loves to say “I’d Rather Be Barefoot.”

“I felt I lost my passion in my life for a while… to find my self working, paying bills and partying leaving me feeling empty and unhealthy… My divorce made me quit anything that would not serve my purpose, after a year sabbatical I created the possibility to be every day the change i wanted to see, I felt the need to do something that would help heal me and others, physically (with scoliosis), mentally, emotionally and spiritually”.

Claudia got certified as a yoga instructor in 2010 and had the opportunity to own her first yoga studio in Miami leading classes, workshops, retreats, Om Beats, events for non profits and Teacher Training. In 2014 she opened her own and second Yoga Studio in Brickell/Little Havana calle 8 called Om Beats Yoga Studio where she leads the Teacher trainings and directs a space based on uniting a conscious community of movers with a variety or teachings for all levels, all ages, all bodies and kids and pets friendly.

Claudia is an early pioneer and Master Instructor of SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga. Claudia is also an experienced Thai Massage Practitioner and Level II Reiki Master. Claudia’s other passion is the non-profit organization Pet Soul, which she founded in 2010. Pet Soul trains and rehabilitates dogs and cats, helping them find new homes.

Claudia says, “I love teaching yoga, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to pass on the gift of Yoga to others so that all can experience the joy and freedom that I have found in my life!”

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